With autumn on the horizon, this graphic looks at the chemicals behind the myriad colours of autumn leaves; bigger version & download here:


With autumn on the horizon, this graphic looks at the chemicals behind the myriad colours of autumn leaves; bigger version & download here:

thenutellapanini asked:
"i respect your obsession with biology so much. i rarely meet people who share my love :) you go awesome human"

Thank you!! BTW, I love your username.  I’ll have you know I am on my way to making myself some Nutella toast. The besssst :)

rachelhascuteshoes asked:
"Hey, also wondering what you are taking in university/college right now, and what you wanna do after! ❤️ Aghhh I'm just in love with your blog!!"

Thank you, you are too kind!

I am currently taking what I refer to as a “light load”. My past two semesters were brutal and for my sanity I decided to slow down a bit. I am taking Genetics, Ecology, Bio Psych, Social Psych and Abnormal Psych. I would say my biggest challenge is Genetics, but I love the topic so much it’s worth the tears. Ecology is probably my second most challenging course, mainly because the material is immensely detailed. Surprisingly, it’s been really fascinating, and I am actually quite enchanted with it all. I never knew learning about soil and wind patterns could be so fun! lol 

If i was to have my way I would love to go to grad school for Neuroscience, but I always keep my mind open. In the past, putting myself in a box hasn’t really helped, and I am trying to be a little more flexible. I hope things go my way *crosses fingers*

rachelhascuteshoes asked:
"I literally just found your blog and it is absolutely amazing!! ❤️❤️ I'm in grade 11, and i love biology, chemistry, psychology, neuroscience and honestly anything medical or scientific. After high school, I want to be an occupational therapist (not sure what undergrad yet though)! I'm so excited and honestly I love learning! What markers and pens and stuff do you use for studying?? I have staedtler fineliner pens and I think they are amazing!! Just wondering what else you like to use!"

Thank you so much! I love hearing from fellow science lovers. When I was a Junior I had no idea what I really wanted to do, all I knew was that I loved Neuroscience and that was that lol. You are ahead of the game ;) 

I made a pretty detailed post about my school materials right here. I haven’t acquired anything new since then, therefore it’s very up to date. When I get something new I promise to share it with you guys. Take a look at the post to get some ideas, and if you have any other questions please let me know :) 


False color SEM’s of various pathogens | ZEISS Microscopy

  • (1) Bubonic plague bacteria (yellow) are shown in the digestive system of a rat flea (purple).
  • (2) Q-fever bacteria (yellow).
  • (3) Human T cell (blue) under attack by HIV (yellow).
  • (4) Chlamydia trachomatis (green).
  • (5) String-like viral Ebola particles emerging from a lysed cell.
saturdaystudying asked:
"Today I've finally finished my essay, so I'm going to reward myself with practicing Chemistry questions. The chapter I'm self studying for the next three weeks is already so wonderfully easy and interesting and I'm loving everything atm!"

Ah yes!! I used to talk so much crap about Chemistry, but it truly is a fascinating subject. Just make sure you also reward your hard work by taking breaks and doing other things besides studying. I love to go for runs and cook to get my mind off of things. It helps a ton! Good luck :)

Anonymous asked:
"Not that I don't study it's that I don't study well. I've been trying to figure out which method is best for me to absorb and understand all the information but I'm just wondering how to go about finding that? Any tips or suggestions?"

Hey! I know what you mean, it took me a while to really find my rhythm and to figure out what worked out in terms of studying! Everyone is different and studying methods are really personal, what works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for the other person!

I made a pretty detailed post here about the methods I follow, I think it might really help you to get some ideas! Good luck!!

colorfulbunny asked:
"Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I'm also majoring in Biology, and I'm in a really tough semester (I'm taking Genetics, Population Ecology, Anatomy and Phylogenetic Systematics). Your note-taking guide is really helping me keep up with all the new names/subjects without wanting to scream (but I'm still freaking out about the exams lol), so thank you!"

I’m glad I could help!!! 😍 Good luck with your semester! Your classes are challenging but sound very interesting! Enjoy them!